28 May 2020

MMFF 2019 Award-Winner Sunod
Now Streaming on Netflix

28 May 2020

MMFF 2019 Award-Winner Sunod Now Streaming on Netflix

Netflix premiered five Filipino films in time for Philippine Independence Day. The genres, ranging from horror to comedy, gave audiences around the world a taste of the best the country had to offer.

“Filipinos are avid entertainment fans, so at Netflix we are committed to bringing the best stories locally and from around the world to our members here,” says Netflix Content Acquisition Manager Raphael Phang of the recent additions to their catalog.

Among the most anticipated in the list is Sunod—the 3rd Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design awardee for the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival. The film is directed by Carlo Ledesma and written by Anton Santamaria.

Sunod follows Olivia (Carmina Villaroel), a single mother who starts work at a call center in an attempt to cover her daughter’s (Krystal Brimner) rising medical expenses. As the story unfolds, so do the secrets of the office building’s intriguing and ominous history.

We sat down with Director Carlo Ledesma and Carmina Villaroel to discuss their latest blockbuster hit:

Q: What was your reaction when you found out Sunod had been acquired by Netflix?
CL: After Sunod screened at MMFF, a huge part of me wished that it would find another wave to ride and a bigger audience to find, so, of course, I was thrilled to hear the film is going to be up on Netflix.
CV: I felt an overwhelming rush of happiness and pride. Knowing that a project my castmates, crew, and I put our entire hearts into doing will be available on Netflix—such a fulfilling experience.

Q: What can viewers, who’ve yet to see the film, expect?
CL: It’s a horror film, first and foremost. But at its core is a story about a mother who will do anything to keep her daughter alive, no matter the cost.
CV: Viewers can expect a thrilling horror film that will keep you on your toes the entire time. While also having a substantial story about family—which was made possible by the excellent directing of Director Carlo Ledesma.

Suffused with mystery and dread, with a touching family tale at its core, the film is sure to please both casual horror fans and true blue aficionados. The film is now available on Netflix. Other titles on the platform produced in collaboration with ANIMA include Dead Kids, Birdshot, All of You, Hintayan ng Langit, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral, and Kuwaresma.